Sunday, December 23, 2007

how i was fooled by my secret santa!

so i know i wrote a blog about keeping secret santas a secret and how corrupted the whole system is but i must confess i couldnt help myself this time around!!! but it wasnt my fault!!! to my defense merari started it all!!!!

at kat and lennys party was when i first heard the gossip of anne marie and merari speaking of it and i believe they were speaking of me...but then merari SWORE to me that she had lauren..and in these past two weeks ive been trying to help her figure out whats good to get lauren!!! and it gets better...she allowed me to act as a fool trying to figure out who had me!!! psshhhhh i resent you for it merari!!!!

but then after thinking about it, it all worked out cause she knows what i like and there was much personal thought put into the gift!!! it was the best...along with anne maries gift!!!! so in conclusion i dont think everyone will keep shut about secret santa ever because none of us can keep secrets.....

Friday, December 14, 2007

Guide to studying finals =)

So this past week i had the pleasure of studying for finals!!! it was great fun...NOT! but at the end of it all it was great success!!!

the first thing you should do is take pictures of all the models you need to learn in the lab and upload them on your computer =) then find a starbucks and load up on coffee! next you should find a study group...a fun one not a boring one that only wants to study lol (kinda ironic ehh?) then you wanna find an isolated area like the business building at FIU around 9 30 pm and sit in a classroom all night. When you're brain is about to explode play your ipod fullblast and just dance like christina and meredith do in grey's. If that doesnt work then take a 20 min nap but only if necessary!! after the dancing finish up your snack from starbucks and by this time it is maybe 2ish am....after the snack talk about things that make you happy and then get back to studying!!! around 4 am go home and sleep for 3 hours, that way you can wake up at 7 and go to school to study some more....

And then finally right before the exam break down and cry and freak out cause you think you forgot everything and then pray and go TAKE YOUR EXAM!!! this routine definitely worked out for me cause i got a 95 on my this is just me giving a little bit back to the community hoping it might work just as well for you as did for me! =)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

what i love about christmas....

i love christmas!!!! i know the real reason for christmas is to celebrate the birth of christ but i love all the pagan rituals that go along with it =) so here are some of my favorite things about christmas time:

1. how we get to love on jesus more cause he came here for us =) you go jesus!

2. the tree, which we dont have at my house =(

3. the nativity set

4. the lights

5. shopping!!

6. giving gifts

7. and receiving OFCOURSE! lol

8. getting together with the family

9. my friends =)

10. and my favorite for this year.....SECRET SANTA!

and when i say secret i mean secret! soo if youre playing play right and dont tell anyone! except anne marie she knows all =) (shes kinda of the god in this game) i cant wait for christmas!!!