Monday, January 28, 2008

ethics fight #1

This semester I am taking Critical Thinking and Ethics as part of my requirements for nursing school. When the class began it wasn't what I expected, actually I didn't know what to expect at all. My teacher has to be on some sort of drug but he is amazing!! he yells out his lectures and makes the best faces EVER! (kinda reminds me of me lol). so there is this boy in my class that my friend and I call abercrombie boy (he comes to class everyday in abercrombie pajamas), well this a & f boy ALWAYS has something to say and usually I disagree with him and his arguments. The teacher always makes the awkward face I make when the a & f boy wants to talk because he knows he is in for along discussion lol. So to the point of blog today we were discussing religion and if there is one way to believe and one religion that is right. And ofcourse I know the answer to that but I wasn't going to start out an argument and have everyone gang up on me...mainly because I don't have enough knowledge to fight these heathens! lol During the conversation one girl starts quoting parts of the Bible and at the end she says "and a whole bunch of other crap that contradicts itself" and I immediately grew defensive and said "well you're ebing ignorant because you are reading what you want and not the entire pasage and what it really pertains too" and sooo I won that argument because most of the class agreed. Then abercrombie ofcourse opens his big mouth and says "the Bible is crap" so the I turn around and say "I am not criticizing your Bible so why are you criticizing's just a matter of respect and you should be a little more considerate" uughhhh people like this make me so angry!!! I dont go arounf hating on their releigion and beliefs (maybe I hate on them but that's a different story) I do not agree and support them but I respect them. Uusually after class a & f boy comes out and tries to talk to luly and I but toda he didn't =) i scared him lol!!! so be on the look out for many more of my battle with people in this class!! =)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i would give up my arm for him!

On sunday I went back to work for the first time in a month!!! good life you say? mm not so much. I've been poor and swamped with school work, but that's not the point of this blog.

I'm putting in a few hours in the Oncology unit with the cancer patients for the next couple of weeks and to my surprise I absolutely loved it. The first time I worked there I kinda had a bad experience but it was all different this time around. The nurses were amazing and the patients were one of kind. Especially this one kid! He has sickle cell. This disease causes someone to have a lot of pain therefore pain meds are essential. He wasn't even my patient and he made a huge impact on me. He is hospotalized quite often and in order to get his pain medication he has to have an IV access. Well his veins aren't all that great so it is hard for them to get a good IV in. On sunday night his IV blew and he was in a lot of pain so they had 3 different nurses come up and poke him about 10 times. Finally I took him down to the ER to see if they had better luck. Man I complain when they take my blood and this poor boy gets poked 12 times before he can get his pain meds. While down in the ER I saw the pain in his eyes from all the pokes and just the pain he was in and it killed me! In that very moment I wished that I could give him my arm. It sounds foolish but I would have done anything to ease his pain. I didn't even know the kid I just wanted him to feel better because he is so full of life and so restriced from all his greatness! Thank God the nurse was able to get it and his torture for the night was over! This kid is amazing, I spent more time with him that night and found out he loves scrubs and he had the seasons there so every now and then i would sneak in his room and have a laugh or two with him. Even better he told me he wanted to become an Oncology nurse to take care of kids like him. I'm telling you this kid is amazing and I hope to see his greatness shine through to the world cause he has a story to tell and I know he will impact many!! ahhh the joy of working at such an amazing place!!!!!=)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the voice of truth is my inspiration

On the way to school the other day I was listening to casting crowns on my ipod (thanks to merari) and as I was listening to the song called "voice of truth" there was a certain part that caught my attention.

But the waves are calling out my name and they laugh at me
Reminding me of all the times I've tried before and failed
The waves they keep on telling meTime and time again. 'Boy/ girl, you'll never win!'"You'll never win"
But the voice of truth tells me a different story
And the voice of truth says "Do not be afraid!"
And the voice of truth says "This is for My glory"
Out of all the voices calling out to me
I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth

I am a person of little faith..sometimes I try and fool myself but it is just something I struggle with. This semester I am battling with my 2nd attempt at college algebra and I just dont believe I can do it. Even before I went to the first class I set myself up for the failure! So when I heard this part in the song it gave me a breath of fresh air...

So what I am going to do is print that part and put it in the front of my math notebook because everytime I feel myself losing faith or feeling like I can't do it I will be able to read it!! Because I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Constitution of Non-Hating

Article One

Thou shall not make sarcastic comments towards someone's physical appearance.

The use of words such as idiot, stupid, moron and/or any other demeaning word towards someone's intelligence shall not be uttered in front or behind the person or persons or group of persons to which it would be directed to.

Using racist or stereotypical slurs is hereby prohibited.

Snickering and/or giggling while people walk by is just as bad as ill-speaking of them.

Article two

The use of the rolling eye movement shall be forbidden in public places.

Pointing and obvious gestures used to make fun of other people will not be accepted.

Laughing at the less fortunate shall be frowned upon.

Article Three

Thou shall smile when entering a room, regardless if they are friends or not.

The smile shall not be obviously fake, and the eyes shall not give off a "hater" look.

When someone begins conversation, thou shall not make them feel inferior

Don't speak in public if thou are not ready for the challenge. This may cause thou to utter words that will cause failure to your mission.

If a negative thought runs through thy head, simply acknowledge it, and then let it go. Do not speak it, or let it be known by facial expression that thou has had a hating thought.

Keep mind of thy facial expressions because people interpret them differently and may not understand the jest in the expression.

If all else fails, simply sit on thy hands, and bit thy lip, while smiling, of course. Thou does not want to give off negative vibrance.

Disclosure :

If thou is commited to this constitution, there will be great success.

If thou happens to fail this mission, thou shall be known as a hater who will become the old lady that lives with 7 cats and yells at the little children who run by her house. Thou shall not be loved or know love, except by her cats. Thou shall die a cold, lonely and miserable death. Not even God will want thou.

So go with God, and go in peace.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

my trip to north carolina!

i officially love living in the mountains!!!! this trip was an amazing time with my family!!! we got together with our uncle loui and his wife sandra and baby isabella! sad to say but i kinda wasnt looking forward to spending so much time with the family lol but to my surprise i really think i needed it...i had alot of time to think, which made me realize soo many things! but that's another blog lol

when we first got there the cabin was BEAUTIFUL!! except the furniture (my barf sound) these people do not know how to decorate and the poor realtor heard from my dad more than once!!!! and on top of that we only had the disney channel to watch oo and local news!! ppsshhhhh what is wrong with these people!!! but in the end it worked out because thank God loui and sandra came along and made everything sooo much fun!!!!

thanks to my tio and tia we got to do all the tourist things and went skiing!!! which in itself was a disaster!!! i wish you all were there to see me walk down the mountain in ski boots!lol no i didnt give up that easily...mimi and ricky taught me the basic moves so up we went on the ski lift!!!aahhh!!! the first fall happened at the get go...right off the ski lift! lol but after many falls and almost tears i finally made it down the mountain like a champion (a bad champion but w/e) and so i went for the second run..i did much better this after this i decided to take a break and have some lunch!! my ego was built up and i was all excited!! so i decided to go and do the other lift (which was supposed to be just as easy...WRONG!) the stupid lift left us at a stop i had to slide down which i didnt know how to do! so fall number 5467, i thought i broke my knee!! lol long story short i failed that time and had to walk the rest of the way!! =( but at the end of the day i had the bruises and the pain to feel like a champ!! =)

new year's was a big deal because we all knew eric was going to propose! so not only was he nervous....we were all nervous!!! we had dinner at my aunts house and played catch phrase with all the old folks (thanks lauren) most of the time was spent on the old peoplegetting the right angle of the word to actually see it lol.... and then just after midnight eric got down on his knee and asked lia!!! i admit i shed a tear...but only one!!! she said yes ofcourse! and no worries the ring is beautiful! i helped =) so now we have a wedding to plan! yay!!! she claims she wont be a bridezilla but with me involved ill drive her to it lol!!!

now we are almost home and i cant wait to get a full night's sleep...cause since the proposal all i hear is "i'm getting married" at 3 in the freakin morning lol!!!

this trip was amazing!! and much needed for the family and especially for me!!!