Thursday, November 29, 2007

my top candidates

HAHAHAHAHA NOT!!! sorry merari i had too!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

a show for every night of the week

tv shows could be a good and a bad thing...they give you somthing to do at home when you wanna relax and not do work but then you can become completely obsessed and have one for every night of the i do =) because you know i dont have enough to worry about ppsshhh nahh i have to time to waste watching tv..hhmmm i wonder why i have to cram for my anatomy quiz here is the list of show i watch monday through sunday =)

dancing with the stars!!!
private practice!!!
grey's anatomy!!
women's murder club!!
saturday and sunday
law and order svu

Monday, November 19, 2007

my very random sunday adventures...

yesterday i had a major exam in my anatomy class at mercy hospital. my test was at 10 and since i got out early i went to west kendall (miami baptist) for the 11 am church service.

upon arrival i immediatley find merari and sit behind her and her mom...we were completely distracted because everytime something strange happened she would turn around and we would laugh..i seriously felt bad for the viejos behind me they must have been distracted also! after the service since i had to go to the mall and merari had to get beth a wedding gift we went together. on our way to the mall we stop for lunch with yannick at chilis...where we had the worst waitor ever! merari ordered a soup and he brought her a salad...yannick got charged extra for fries and i got what i wanted lol but he messed up the bill!!! we tell him exactly ho to divide it and he comes back and says oops i charged 9 on meraries and 30 on yours (i cursed him in my mind and with my facial expressions ofcourse)!!!! but it was all good cause since yannick had cash he gave it to me....

after lunch we went to the mall and we're running kind of late so merari tells me to go to the bridal shower and im like nooo way! i wasnt invited! and she says who cares just crash it with him and youll be my date...which worked out pretty well cuse we won the bouquet i crashed the party and i took a gift..ppsshh i won it lol

After the party lauren, merari, and i decided to go to Coral Park Baptist for the concert that yannick told us about....merari and i said ppssshhhh why not there might be hot guys....WRONG! there were alot of, how should i say, viejitos....let's just say after 2 minutes (literally 2 min) we "went to the bathroom" and and ran out....things were not what we expected....sorry yan =/

finally went to barnes and noble and met up with rey and looked at magazines and drank coffee and just enjoyed "spreading the word" as we call it....

but at the end of the day i am greatful for the time i spent with my hater mate merari and my one and only lauren....good times good times!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

what to do...

for the past couple of days i have been going to fiu to study for my ginormous anatomy test (which by the way i did awesome) thanks to anne marie my study buddy and no thanks to yannick who doesnt understand the concept of concentration!! lol i have officially fallen in love with the campus and this is where my dilemma begins... i recently realized that i need to start taking action and decide what school i want to go to for nursing =) yessss im finally there! i graduate miami dade this summer God willing...soo all the talk i have made about going away and what school i want to attend is becoming a reality! and honestly i am kinda scared =/ since i graduated varela i have been saying that i want to go away for nursing school but the closer that time gets the more i wanna change my mind! i am a mommy and daddys girl and i think they made a pact long ago to make my life easy and comfortable so that my attempt to fly free into the world would fail...and i think they might win. some may say that is reason enough to go away and become independant and i agree 100% but like i said im scared!!! i cant even go away for 3 days with my friends without missing my parents!

now because life moves at a fast pace and things are around the corner i need to start seriously planning and praying for God to show me where he wants me to be...i am hoping he will give me an obvious sign like leaving a note on my pillow or decorating my car overnight with the school i should go to =) wouldnt that be awesome!!! but seriously i need to stop trying to run my life and let him do his thing...i really need to trust in Him and let Him lead the way....

and while waiting for God to deliver my message i will be making a pros and cons list for every school i want to apply for and go from lets hope for this to be easy (but ofcourse why would future only depends on it) aahh dont i love being a grown up!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

waiting on the sickness

for about a month now my mom has been telling me to get the flu shot cause i work with sick kids and they come to my unit first when they are at their worst...but ofcourse i say "no mom! im immune to their diseases!" lol ppsshhhh WRONG! my other arguement was that sometimes after getting the flu shot you get a little cold and i don't have time for colds school is insane and theres no time for sickness....but now i realize my immune system isnt strong enough to fight off respiratory infections and buggers from babies ( who LOVE to rub their nasty snot all over me)!!!! now i am in great suffering because for about a week i have been feeling like im getting sick and it wont come! i have had a fever and my body aches like i have gone to the gym (which i sooo havent), im super light headed and feel like passing out, and im just exhausted! on top of all my symptoms i had a super sick baby that i had to be with most of the day because she was alone but she had a major respiatory infection and because she hated me (even though i fed her andchanged her) she still coughed and spit up and sneezed all over my FACE!!!! my freakin face people! and so i questioned my choice of profession but i got over it after a long shower....and now it has been a freakin week, and nothing! it needs to come! i think its waiting for a week when im full of exams to hit me hard!!!! tomorrow is my free day so im hoping tonight in my sleep the worst will come and i will wake up dying so i have all day to stay in bed =) and then i can get over it! soo yea guys pray it up!!! lol tomorow i will update you on my status...hopefully it worsens...=)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

the wonderful world of disney!

so this week i had the pleasure of going to orlando w/ jenny and merari =) disney is the happiest place on earth...for EVERYONE. after long conversation with merari we agreed that no matter where you're from or what you like disney makes everyone happy. old people, babies, children, and adults all with smiles on their face! i wish i lived in a world like when we got to disney we had a plan, the plan was to go and party but everything was 21 and over and instead of enjoying orlando we preferred staying in bed all night and all day watching movies! we are such viejas!but one thing we did do waseat way too much!!!! omg did we eat! but it was ok we were on vacation! =) here are some of the things you all missed this week:
1. when jenny sees a new lane open she goes into it even though its an exit we don't wanna get off at

2. jenny + 2 excedrin+ a coke= completely anxiety and no sleep (for anyone)


4. look i'm glow in the light!!

5. did you smack my butt? no i just had a crick in my hand! lol worst movie ever!

6. standing in the middle of hardrock and having them say happy birthday to me!

7. merari tells the cop: we are in a hurry cause i have a midterm to take in miami (and ofcourse cop doesn't care)

and soooo many other things that were sooo much funnier in person!!!these girls are amazing and i would do it again in a heart beat!!!!

p.s. we missed you anne marie!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

a week of NO sleep!

my brain is fried and i have not slept in days! there are so many things to worry about and to do and on top of it my studies are keeping me awake and i believe that the trees outside my window are alive! since the past couple of nights have been quite windy the trees feel the need to make strange noises on my window to scare the crap out of me! it got so bad i even sent eric outside to see what it was. these trees are talented i tell you! and to make things worse my satellite broke and i cant watch tv at if you know me well then you know that i have to sleep with my tv on (specifically on nick at nite =) ) so the past couple of nights season 3 of grey's anatomy has been playing on my tv ALL night and i miss roseanne and the cosby show!!! i need a full night of sleep and sadly i dont see any of my situations getting any better =( my dad wont cut down the trees (cause they dont bother him ofcourse)....and i have to wait for dad to call directv to come and fix it (which ofcourse doesnt bother him either) and school pppssshhh it's only getting worse! soo pretty soon youre gonna see me look like this...
hopefully my mind will get so tired soon that i'll have to sleep a full night! until then i am an insomniac!!!
tip: beware of crankiness and be very afraid! lol