Saturday, March 15, 2008

mommy and janell time

My mom and I are really close, she is like my best friend...We have our good and bad times like most mothers and daughters but she is pretty awesome! Lately I have realized that my mom and I are very much alike (kinda sccary lol)...but my mom is awesome and has great acheivements so I dont mind being kinda lke her =)...Recently I have been so busy with school, friends, and just doing my own thing that I havent spent much time with my mommy. So Friday night I decided to have Mommy-Janell time on was awesome!

First we went to on the border for lunch/dinner and ofcourse my mom was flirting with waitor..damn margaritas lol...she claims she wanted him to ask me out..but really who does that lol i love my mother...after stuffing our faces with great food and yummy dessert we went home to watch "evening" i got it from netflix like 3 weeks ago and finally we got the chance to watch it. It was a really sad depresin movie but mom and I kinda liked it lol...after "evening" we saw "coyote ugly"! one of our favorite movies!

Overall mom and I had a great day/night together..we got to spend quality time (my first love languge), we got to talk about a lot of stuff (words of affirmation were involved lol #2), and she played with my hair and hugged me during the movie (#3 physical touch)..does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? lol all my love languages are given by my mother lol w/e yo its the best!!! she'll never leave me! lol

to sum this up I just want everyone to know how awesome my mommy is! she has helped me through my toughest times and put up with all my crap...and still is...she is the best! I thank God for her dad is great but God knows we need my mom at home lol....After spending saturday with her I wanna make more time for mommy-janell time cause she deserves it and sadly one day (many many years from now!!) I wont be able to spend time with her so I need to get as much as I can now!!

this is mommy and janell

Monday, March 10, 2008

what lies ahead...

This morning I signed up for Summer classes at Dade...Most of you know that it will be my last semester so I am packing together al the classes I need because if not I will be left with one or two classes for the fall and it's just not worth to be behind one semester if I can do it all together...

I almost started crying while I was typing in the reference numbers lol...I am taking Microbiology and the Lab, Statistics, Social Environment, and Sociology...Most of them are hard and the one's that aren't too bad are time consuming!!! I am officially going to die lol no I won't but I'll want to die! But I actually feel good about..i feeling optimistic because I know it's something that I want and need to happen...jeez I can't imagine the day that I am an FIU student!!! I'm excited for the next step as a student because soon after acceptance to FIU comes the acceptance to Nursing School (God willing)!!! Although I will be goin crazy this summer it will all be worth it in the end.. I am just fraid of becoming discouraged at the first sign of being overwhelmed which is bound to happen while taking 5 classes lol...But I feel lucky to be able to go to school because I know many people that can't afford it or have to work and thank God I ahve te money and I don't have to work!

Thank God I have an amazing family that supports by bumness and amazing friends that are always there to cheer me up!!! It will not be an easy summer but I know you all will help me get through it with your prayers and encouragements!!! =) and by the end of the summer we will all be celebrating!! whoop whoop party! (anyone feel free to throw me a surprise party lol)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I am the new Spider Woman

This morning as I was walking to school it was rather windy so my hair was blowing everywhere!! it was all messy so I go into the bathroom before class..I use the facilities and wash my hands..i check my hair and fix was great I was back to looking normal =)

Well when I walk into class I sit in my seat get my books out and get ready to write notes...I have this bad habit of constantly touching my hair, so there I go and touch my hair but then I suddenly feel something hard and crispy in my hair so I go and I run my fingers through my hair again and attempt to take out the hard cripsy object in my hair...IT WAS A FREAKIN SPIDER!!!! I dont know of anyone who has had a spider in their hair..bird poop, yes, leaves, yes, sand, yes...but not a spider!!!! So ofcourse I freak and make a crying squeel noise (yannick knows this squeel lol) but not too loud cause I dont want others thinking im nasty for having a spider in my hair...But ofcourse the two great looking guys from the class saw me and laughed..And when I threw the spider on the floor the girl next to me looked at it and looked at me with a face of disgust...Exactly what I was trying to avoid..So I just look at her and look at it and pretend like it wasnt in my hair. lol I was soooo emberassed. I wanted to cry! lol But it was so funny I wanted to laugh/cry!

My next concern was what if the spider bit me..Would I become spiderwoman?!?!? Would I become a freak that no one talks to and not be able to have friends or family because they would all be hurt by my dear! And then I thought about if the spider lay some eggs..I have baby spiders growing in my hair!!! aahhhh! I hate my life!!! lol I hope none of you ever have to experience this..Its aweful!!! uughh

this was the evil being that was in my hair!

this is what I will look like when I wake up in the morning! lol