Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the adventures of paula and janell =)

so by the title of this blog you can assume it's gonna be a funny story....

I shall begin with adventure number 1 which took place on tuesday during our mornign run... so there we are running down 104 st chit chatting, minding our own business when suddenly we run passed this older lady and she puts her hand out and stops paula lol so obviously we stop to see what she needs...she looks at paula and says "well what size pants are you? (random anyone?) lol and she replies "medium" and the lady says "i have 3 pairs of pants in my house that my daughter bought me that are to tight on me but they will fit you" lol we start laughing ofcourse and paula says "thank you ma'am but we are just running" and the lady continues to say " but ill give them to you at a bargain price" lol we laugh a little more and paula says again "thanks but we are just running" so the lady points to the neighborhood where she lives and says "thats my house there if you wanna look inside" and then we both say "thanks" and run for our lives!!! lol pobresita i wonder if she was waiting for us?? well we were definitely not going to go there!

tongiht for our short run we decided to go to the hammocks lake which is 57489 miles so we start running and come to the point where the bridge is and its already dark and it is both our first time going through there so we didnt know where else we go under the bridge in the dark and the cars above us drivning over it are making scary sounds. so we cling onto each toher right away and turn around quickly and paula says "becareful there are no vampires..because in argentina there are" lol sooo i start laughing and say "vampires? really?" and she goes " ooo no i meant bats" lol but no worries we got back to safe location and there were no bats or vampires...but we decided we arent going there anymore at night..its just not safe lol

so stay tuned for mroe funny stories from the adventures of paula and janell!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

what does it take to be right with God?

lately i have been questioning whether or not i am right with God. and i have realized none of us are really 100% right with Him. we all lack one or more things to reach that ultimate goal..the only way to get there is to be Jesus and i dont see that happening anytime soon lol.

i struggle with so many things, such as, my everyday devotional, praying, having my priorities straight and other things... i feel like i dont put God where He should be which is first..and He is definitely not first in my life. it's funny cause i find myself wanting soooo many things and then i wonder why they dont come..and i dont mean like jessica simpsons shoes or a wallet which i do want....but more meaningful things that i really need in my life

i need prayer from you my awesome friends cause i am struggling with a battle within and i feel like i am losing. satan is really getting at me and i am so angry cause i see it all falling apart before my eyes and im standing back and letting him sounds corny but i need to grow some balls and stand up to satan and let God take control. if anyone can fix it God can...

so before i go to sleep tonight i will have a long talk with my homeboy and try to set somethings straight....and before you go to sleep say a little prayer for me =)

Friday, February 22, 2008

running is an acquired tatse

today i started running and as most of you assume and it wasnt too great. i feel great now but i didnt in the process. when i woke up this morning i was ready and pumped (yes pumped) to go running noone could stop me (not even the reatrds that honk when they drive by). special thanks to queen for keeping me going. when i started running i felt great, in my mind i was gonna run like an allstar athlete and very quickly i was reminded that it takes time to build myself up. eventually my breathing got a little difficult and a short time after it became difficult my lungs decided they didnt want to breath anymore. lol soo i stopped and began walking. no worries i started breathing again =) i am hoping running will get better and better like an acquired taste because its somehting i really want to start doing to lead a healthy lifestyle...

pretty soon ill be doing triathlons and ill be this amazing runner who everyone wants ot be like lol!!! wait for it! =) dont worry ill give you all my autograph!

Monday, February 18, 2008

when harry met sally

last night i had the chance to see "when harry met sally" for the first time!! i know i know i'm a little behind! it was amazing!!! i made dinner for yannick, merari, and anne marie..tried to make dessert (dont wanna talk about it) and then we watched one of the best movies of all times!

i love meg ryan and she was amazing in this movie..i have never really liked billy crystal, mainly because of his hair =/..but ooo man in this movie he was a stud!!! let me tell you i have seen a diferent side of billy crystal!! he is my main man..well not really but w/e he's up there lol take a look at this hot stuff...

one of the best qotes of the night was: ::::read on screen::: harry connick jr...yannick: i love his last name...janell: which one connick or jr?!?! lol

and the best scene in the whole movie although a little "dirty" was the fake orgasm in the heres a little look at one of the many laughs we had last night! =)

Friday, February 15, 2008

for she's a jolly good fellow!

happy birthday merari!! this is a tribute to one of my best friends!!! we share soo much yet are soo different! here are some of the great memories we have made together!

and last but not least...her happy song!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

truly the best valentine's day

Today I had the opportunity to spend Valentine's Day with the best girls in the world!! Merari, Lauren, Anne Marie, and Paula =) It's amazing what great friends can do on such a lonely night! lol

To start off the evening we all went to eat at Samurai..Let me just say MMMMMM YUM! we pigged out completely and enjoyed every bite!! Samurai is my new fav restaurant! They give you soo much to eat and the food is amazing! I loved our cook, he did all sorts of tricks with the shrimps and the rice...oo lala!! He was awesome!

After dinner we went to the movies at saw "Definitely Maybe"!! It was soo good!! omg What a tear jerker!!! It was a perfect end to a perfect girls night!!! Except that isn't where it ended...

When Merari and I left some business went on which is never to be spoken of lol and then we went to McTonalds for sundaes =) the girl working there was extra chipper and ofcourse I commented "she mnust have a really great boyfriend" lol cause you know I'm not bitter at all...

But no girls are amazing! And having you all as my Valentine's Day dates is more than I could ever ask for! This has been by far the best Valentine's Day ever! And I will never forget it.... I love you girls! You were all the perfect dates!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

window shopping

today i had the pleasure of going to the mall and help merari find a birthday outfit!! whoop whoop she's turing 21!!!! It was awesome and exhausting because we went to 54758943 stores and ended up buying the first dress she tried on lol but the worst part was not being able to buy all the things i needed...ok no i dont need them but i really want them!!! lol i havent been working lately so my money supply is at an ultimum low =( I found a whole outfit today that i wanted to buy it included this amazing dress

and these amazing shoes that i am dying to buy!!! and ofcourse i cant afford them so i felt like crying!! Window shopping is the worst thing ever!! it is funny cause when i do have money and i need to buy something i can never find somehting i like or that looks good...but ofcourse when i dont have money i find everything i want but i cant buy!!! i hate being broke!!! its the worst!!!!!! so if anyone feels charitable i am accepting any money for contribution to my want for clothing!!! =)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

random roses

this morning i woke up late as usual and in a hurry to get ready for school. i was already in a bad mood because my first class was anatomy in homestead!! uhhhh!! so when i come out of my room my dad tells me "janell, go look at your car" and i'm thinking it could be one of two tinkerbell dog reappeared or some retard wrote all over my car (which by the way i hate) and to my surprise it was neither!!!!! someone left roses on my windshield with a note..i thought hhmm who could it be...and just the thought of having a secret admirer made me sick to my stomach and i suddenly got a stomach ache!!! lol my mom ofcourse was like "omg!! how sweet" and i was like uuhh barf!!! but not really cause the idea was sweet i just felt like barfing! so as i got ready for school i went down the list of people i thought it could be my first assumption was coia...WRONG! so i ended up thanking the wrong person!!! lol embarrasing!!!! after i found out it wasnt him i was dying to find out who this person could be. Later in the morning my brother eric sends me a text with " in case you were wondering it was bryan montero that left you the roses"...and i was like ??????arf??????? lol and then i remembered that last night bryan and i had a mishap..which i thought was taken care of but apparently he didnt feel it was enough so he brought me roses =) it made me happy and i want to thank you bryan for being sooo sweet and bringing me roses!!!!! but for future reference write your name on the note so i dont go crazy trying to figure out who it was!!!!! lol to conclude this i think every girl should have flowers left for her by makes us feel special!!! (when we know who it is)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

yannick's bday!

yay for yannick!!! it's his birthday!!!! i think i was more excited for him then he was for himself! but w/e lol yannick is one of my fav people and like anne marie did on my bday i wanna dedicate a blog to yannick!!! =) he is awesome (sometimes like when you dont act like a girl and do the eye thing) and he is always a great friend!

today we started off the day at church, laughing about things we changed meanings too just cause they were funny.....later in the evening we went to watch Rambo...which i think was amazing other than the little asian children dying!!!!!! after the movie we went to eat at this great pizza place on miracle mile (good choice yannick). we had the best waitor EVER! his name was doug and he always smiled and make a weird laughing noise after everything he said!! i gues you can say i kinda fell in love with him!!! lol he gave me a free drink cause he forgot to put in my order...what a sweet man i tell you!!! sooooo yannick!! i hope you had a great bday cause i know we all had a great time with you!!! and i hope rambo was all you hoped it to be!!!! =)