Saturday, March 15, 2008

mommy and janell time

My mom and I are really close, she is like my best friend...We have our good and bad times like most mothers and daughters but she is pretty awesome! Lately I have realized that my mom and I are very much alike (kinda sccary lol)...but my mom is awesome and has great acheivements so I dont mind being kinda lke her =)...Recently I have been so busy with school, friends, and just doing my own thing that I havent spent much time with my mommy. So Friday night I decided to have Mommy-Janell time on was awesome!

First we went to on the border for lunch/dinner and ofcourse my mom was flirting with waitor..damn margaritas lol...she claims she wanted him to ask me out..but really who does that lol i love my mother...after stuffing our faces with great food and yummy dessert we went home to watch "evening" i got it from netflix like 3 weeks ago and finally we got the chance to watch it. It was a really sad depresin movie but mom and I kinda liked it lol...after "evening" we saw "coyote ugly"! one of our favorite movies!

Overall mom and I had a great day/night together..we got to spend quality time (my first love languge), we got to talk about a lot of stuff (words of affirmation were involved lol #2), and she played with my hair and hugged me during the movie (#3 physical touch)..does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? lol all my love languages are given by my mother lol w/e yo its the best!!! she'll never leave me! lol

to sum this up I just want everyone to know how awesome my mommy is! she has helped me through my toughest times and put up with all my crap...and still is...she is the best! I thank God for her dad is great but God knows we need my mom at home lol....After spending saturday with her I wanna make more time for mommy-janell time cause she deserves it and sadly one day (many many years from now!!) I wont be able to spend time with her so I need to get as much as I can now!!

this is mommy and janell


Lauren said...

Moms are really the best...Cheers to our mothers.

Anne Marie said...

how nice!
seriously, all those pictures with your depressing little christmas tree need to be cropped!
love you! can't wait for august rush on wednesday!

Merari said...

your mommy is awesome.

and yes, you are just like her. No lie.

Greg said...

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Paula said...

you need a new blog hoe!
oh yeah.
and I <3 your mom!!
mommy #2!! yeahhhhaaayy!

Brigitte said...

it's definitely time for a new post. =)

Anne Marie said...

update! pleease :)