Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I am the new Spider Woman

This morning as I was walking to school it was rather windy so my hair was blowing everywhere!! it was all messy so I go into the bathroom before class..I use the facilities and wash my hands..i check my hair and fix it..it was great I was back to looking normal =)

Well when I walk into class I sit in my seat get my books out and get ready to write notes...I have this bad habit of constantly touching my hair, so there I go and touch my hair but then I suddenly feel something hard and crispy in my hair so I go and I run my fingers through my hair again and attempt to take out the hard cripsy object in my hair...IT WAS A FREAKIN SPIDER!!!! I dont know of anyone who has had a spider in their hair..bird poop, yes, leaves, yes, sand, yes...but not a spider!!!! So ofcourse I freak and make a crying squeel noise (yannick knows this squeel lol) but not too loud cause I dont want others thinking im nasty for having a spider in my hair...But ofcourse the two great looking guys from the class saw me and laughed..And when I threw the spider on the floor the girl next to me looked at it and looked at me with a face of disgust...Exactly what I was trying to avoid..So I just look at her and look at it and pretend like it wasnt in my hair. lol I was soooo emberassed. I wanted to cry! lol But it was so funny I wanted to laugh/cry!

My next concern was what if the spider bit me..Would I become spiderwoman?!?!? Would I become a freak that no one talks to and not be able to have friends or family because they would all be hurt by my enemies..ooo dear! And then I thought about if the spider lay some eggs..I have baby spiders growing in my hair!!! aahhhh! I hate my life!!! lol I hope none of you ever have to experience this..Its aweful!!! uughh

this was the evil being that was in my hair!

this is what I will look like when I wake up in the morning! lol


Paula said...

JAJAJAAAA ur so crazyyyyyyyyyyy

you should have come to cry with me at the math lounge. i actually passed in front of ur class to see if u were waiting outside, but u werent :[

look at the positive, maybe u'll find a guy as hot at spiderman ;)


Merari said...

Don't worry my hater. I will love you regardless if you are spiderwoman or not.

If you are, you can totally swing me places! awesome!

alexita said...

LMAOO!! this post made my day!!!! lol

i too will love you regardless of whether or not you are spiderwoman!!! :D

Amanda said...

hi janell:) lol i loved when you told this story at group...

now where the heck is that peter parker?