Tuesday, February 26, 2008

what does it take to be right with God?

lately i have been questioning whether or not i am right with God. and i have realized none of us are really 100% right with Him. we all lack one or more things to reach that ultimate goal..the only way to get there is to be Jesus and i dont see that happening anytime soon lol.

i struggle with so many things, such as, my everyday devotional, praying, having my priorities straight and other things... i feel like i dont put God where He should be which is first..and He is definitely not first in my life. it's funny cause i find myself wanting soooo many things and then i wonder why they dont come..and i dont mean like jessica simpsons shoes or a wallet which i do want....but more meaningful things that i really need in my life

i need prayer from you my awesome friends cause i am struggling with a battle within and i feel like i am losing. satan is really getting at me and i am so angry cause i see it all falling apart before my eyes and im standing back and letting him win...it sounds corny but i need to grow some balls and stand up to satan and let God take control. if anyone can fix it God can...

so before i go to sleep tonight i will have a long talk with my homeboy and try to set somethings straight....and before you go to sleep say a little prayer for me =)

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Stephanie said...

no worries m'love! Being right with God is a lifelong process...well in my opinion. One step at a time.